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Every Child a Talker (ECaT)




In June 2009 Kim was invited to the launch of Every child a talker lead by Suffolk county council.  Kim was put forward for this programme as she had already extensive knowledge in communication and language and was very passionate about helping children with their early communication.

In 2008 The Bercow report was published this identified a ‘gross inadequate recognition across society of the importance of communication development, let alone the active steps needed to facilitate it.  It is a skill which has to be taught, honed and nurtured yet children’s ability to communicate to speak and to understand is taken for granted!!

'A trip to Gainsborough House in Sudbury'

Language is not a skill a child has it is a learnt skill, the ability to communicate is an essential life skill for all children and young people and it underpins a child’s social, emotional and educational development.

From this report every child a talker was developed.

Acton playgroup was then chosen along with 24 settings throughout Suffolk to lead this programme, and what a fantastic opportunity this has been.  Over the last two years we have been able to provide some amazing opportunities for our children and families.

'Puppet Day at Playschool'

Every Child a Talker is designed to help create a developmentally appropriate, supportive and stimulating environment in which children can enjoy experimenting with and learning language. It can be implemented whether children are in Early Years settings, with a child minder or at home with their parents. Through every day, fun and interesting activities which reflect children's interests, ECAT will encourage early language development right from the outset, extending children's vocabulary and helping them build sentences so that before they start school, children are confident and skilled communicators.

'Trinity Park - Ipswich'

Kim’s role has extended now to assisting local preschools, nurserys and childrens centres in helping them gain the ECAT standard.

'Tesco Shopping Lists.
We gave children a shopping list to see if they could find all of the items'

'The Hungry Caterpillar - Haverhill Theatre'

'Bug Day at Playschool'

We celebrated World Poetry Day on 21st March by sharing books with rhyming words, the children played games, songs and rhymes and joined in activities moving on to the children making up their own poems:-

Cornflakes are golden
Toast is crunchy and very very munchy
Weetabix are brown and Kim buys them in town
Ready steady pop go the cold Rice Krispies
I'm going to the park to play with my frisbies

Written by Breakfast Club

Bur, bur, said the chicken
Having a licken
As he sat picken
The chicken was flying and as he was eyeing
seeing what everyone was doing

Written by Mitchell

The bear was hiding in the cupboard
He was eating jubard
In came a tiny chicken and he was having a bicken
The bear pushed everything out of the room with his broom
The bear scared the chicken and the boy
That's not kind please find your mind

Written by Ella G

Le petit pingouin
Je suis un petit pingouin
Noir et blanc
Je ne sais pas voler
Mais je sais nager!

We enjoyed a french poem with
Mrs. Starkey.

In March 2013 we decided to re-launch the puppets..These are for families to borrow usually over a weekend in order for them to have fun with their child by envloving them with family activities and at the same time strengthening communication and literacy skills.  We have five great puppets, Ruby who loves to sing rhymes and at Playgroup we love to sing and dance all the time.  Louis who likes to do lots of physical games and skills and links in with a recent physical course where the children learnt the importance of developing their muscles .  Scarlet likes to spend time with friends and family, talking and playing games and therefore helps with social skills, Mia is our bookworm but she particularly enjoys sharing books and Edward who loves shopping and loves playing hunt the items as well as learning new words (latest big word is "fabric conditioner" and counting numbers so a good link to numeracy and literacy skills.  We hope Parents will find Ruby, Scarlet, Mia, Louis and Edward helpful and fun houseguests.


September 2015

The Lullaby Concert

This concert will take place in the Stevenson Centre, Great Cornard on Monday 26th October 2015. There are 2 start times-- 10.30am and 2.30am.

Ticket prices : Adults £5 and Children £2.50

The concert consists of a series of orchestral concerts specially designed for children aged 7 yrs and under, featuring City of London Sinfonia.

Acton Playgroup were involved in the original concerts a few years ago and had the privilege of having some of the London SInfonia visit us in setting to demonstrate some of their instruments such as the violin and the trumpet. Claire,who leads the concert visited us a few times to involve the children in some singing and musical activities,benefitting their speech and language development.