Christmas - Nativity , Staff Pantomime and Christmas Activities 2019

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06/01/2020 - What we are up to...


Our older children did an amazing job as they took part in our nativity play. They were all so confident and sang the songs loudly and clearly. The play took place in Acton Church and the children performed to a large audience of family and friends.

Well done everybody !!



After the nativity the children joined their younger peers at the village hall. Magic Ian entertained the children and there was also a special visit from Father Christmas.

This year the staff pantomime was based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The original story was was amended by Jo to incorporate all the funny sayings and staff mishaps etc... that had occurred throughout the year. The children all sat well to watch as the staff displayed their wonderful acting skills. The staff are not made aware of the storyline until the day of the performance so they don't know what to expect and a lot of improvisation is needed.
Kim               Grandma
Jo                 Narrator ( Mummy Elf)
Louise          Little Red Riding Hood's Mum
Tasha           Little Red Riding Hood
Becci            Wolf
Nicki             Little Red Riding Hood's baby sister ( Maleficent)
Victoria         Woodcutter





After the pantomime some of the children joined us to have a delicious christmas dinner cooked for us by Sarah in the kitchen.




The children made mince pies. They used their fine motor skills to rub the flour and the butter to create their pastry and then their rolling skills to roll it. They also used their numeracy skills when counting out the ingredients needed and observed the mince pies before and after they were cooked.


During the christmas period the children had access to various different craft activities where they could create cards, stockings and snowmen using a variety of resources.


Some of the children made reindeer food using porridge oats, sugar, raisins and sunflower seeds. They mixed the ingredients in a bowl and then placed them into a paper bag ready to sprinkle onto their lawns on christmas eve.