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Summary of key findings for parents:


* Partnerships with parents are exceptionally friendly and trusting. Parents are highly respected as their child's key educator. They are actively encouraged to remain involved in their children's learning, both in playgroup and at home. Parents highly value the nurturing nature of the staff.

* Exceptionally warm,caring relationships have been established between the children and the staff, helping children to feel happy and secure. Staff know the children very well. They are highly effective in ensuring that all children can participate at their own level.

* Staff skilfully talk with children and challenge their thinking. They engage children in conversation, actively listen to what children have to say ,and expertly extend and develop their vocabulary. Even very young children are confident communicators.

* Equality and inclusion is at the heart of everything that staff do with the children. Staff have a clear understanding of how children learn. They know the children extremely well and have high expectations of what they can achieve. All children make rapid progress from their starting points.

* Staff provide a lovely range of activities, both indoors and outside, that promotes all areas of learning. They give thorough attention to planning for outdoors. This helps ensure that those children who learn best from being outdoors are able to do so.