Easter activities April 2019

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12/04/2019 - What we are up to...

During the last week of term the children were able to take part in various easter activities. We had a visit from The Rev Caroline who told us the story of Easter using props and happy and sad faces. The children listened as she told them how Jesus rode into Jeruslaem on a donkey, had bread and wine at the last supper and how some of the people didn't like Jesus and wanted him to be killed.  Caroline explained that Jesus died on a cross and was placed in a tomb but 3 days later he came back to life. We told the easter story to the children many times during the week and they took a great interest in it and were able to recall many different parts of the story.

The children also enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and creating chicks and rabbits using different resources. On Friday we made chocolate cornflake cakes decorated with a chick and a small chocolate egg.