F.U.D.G.E Stay and Play Wednesday June 12th 2019

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15/06/2019 - What we are up to...

On Wednesday June 12th we held a stay and play session for Friends, Uncles, Dads, Grandads Etc..(FUDGE) in celebration of Father's Day.

We were joined by Dads, Grandads and Mums who first enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, pain au chocolate, strawberries and blueberries topped with maple syrup. 

Our activites were based on different stories to support story week.  We created a sensory walk with sawdust, pebbles, sand, blackberries and water which is based on ' We're going on a bear hunt'.

The children enjoyed decorating gingerbread biscuit people ( Biscuit Bear), creating clay hedgehogs, painting and making wind wands ( What makes a rainbow?). In the outside area the sand pit was set up with trucks and diggers ( Tip Tip Dig Dig) and the Dads enjoyed creating a den from canes,sticks and tarpaulin etc...

To finish off the session the adults ( FUDGE) formed a band where each member played a different instrument and joined in with singing different songs.



Thank you to all those who attended the Stay and Play session and for helping make it a special time for the children.