Forest Schools Activities March/April 2019

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12/04/2019 - What we are up to...

Our Thursday morning children were very fortunate to be able to take part in 3 forest schools sessions led by Sheena who is a level 3 qualified forest schools teacher. Sheena engaged all of the children in a variety of new and exciting activities throughout the morning always finishing off with a cup of hot chocolate or warm blackcurrant.


The children enjoyed making their own forest wands, painting the trees with mud and creating mud faces and they particularly enjoyed swinging in the hammock.



The younger children loved hunting for the forest animals - fox, hedgehog, mouse, bird,owl and squirrell and putting them back in the tree house. Together Sheena and the children constructed a bug hotel and the children really enjoyed using the hammers to nail the plastic sheeting to the top.


We lifted the logs and looked through the undergrowth and the leaves for mini-beasts. Any mini-beasts we found were carefully placed into the bug viewing pots where the children could take a magnified closer look at them.


We were very fortunate to have good weather for all 3 of the sessions. The children demonstrated amazing focus and interest as they developed their confidence to try new skills and activities and learning to work with other adults.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH SHEENA !!!!!. The children had an amazing time. The children made Sheena a picture by printing a repeating pattern using cut potatoes.