Harvest and Learning Walks October 2019

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28/10/2019 - What we are up to...

The children have been learning about Harvest and we had a visit from The Reverend Caroline who came to talk to us about Harvest and how we should be thankful for all the good food we have.


The children had collected lots of food - packets, tins, pasta, soup and fresh fruit and vegetables for our harvest hamper. The Rev Caroline explained to the children where some of our food grows and how it needs sunshine and rain to help it grow. She went on to explain how the food will be donated to people who are not so well off as us and may find it difficult to buy enough food.

Some of our children (those attending Thursday afternoon) have taken part in our Learning Walks. These are aimed at enriching the children's experiences of being outside and exploring the world around us. We were joined by Mr. Ireland and some of the children from school too.



The children walked to the Lime Trees and took part in different activities such as tree rubbings, looking for leaves, making wind wands and searching for the small furry animals in the trees and hedges. The children observed the different colours of the autumn leaves and enjoyed collecting them along with sticks and feathers.

When back in the classroom the children took part in various activities such as creating autumn trees and making hedgehogs with clay and the resources they collected from the walk.



The children were all very well behaved on our walks and really enjoyed the company of the older children from school. We endeavour to carry on with the Learning Walks this term with a different group of children.