Hollowtrees Farm May 24th 2019

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05/06/2019 - What we are up to...

On Friday May 24th 2019 many of our children and their parents and other family members joined us on our annual summer visit. Following our good feedback and comments from our trip last year to Hollowtrees Farm we decided to make another visit this year. 

We all met in the barn for an introduction and safety talk and learnt the importance of keeping our hands washed and clean at all times.

Our first activity was carried out as a whole group which involved preparing our ' field' to sow our peas. The children listened as Sian explained how to prepare the soil, make holes in the soil, plant the seeds and then cover them over. The children understood they needed to keep them watered and in the sunlight too.


The group was then split into 2. One half went on the tractor and trailer to the farmers field to plant and water some tomato plants and herbs.

The other group went to feed the animals. The children had great fun feeding the calves, the goats and the pigs.


The two groups then joined togehter to eat lunch in the barn. After lunch we had free time to explore the farm and the play equipment. Many of us also enjoyed a lolly or an ice cream in the lovely sunny weather.




We all had a great day at Hollowtrees Farm. The weather was amazing and we took part in some fun activities.

Thank you everyone for coming.