Our Harvest Farm to Fork tour at Tesco Monday October 2nd 2017

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The children who attend our Monday morning session and their parents/carers all met at Tesco for our Harvest Farm to Fork Tour.  The children all listened really well in the classroom as Mel explained that we would be going into the shop to look for 6 items of fruit and vegetables displayed on the picture board.  We were also encouraged to look for items grown in the UK and not items from abroad.

We used our senses of sight,smell and touch to explore each item as we found them.

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We then got into 4 groups and each group had to find different items from around the shop as Mel said we were going to be making something we would be able to take home with us. We had to collect porridge oats,bran flakes,cinnamon,raisins and sunflower seeds.

When we were back in the classroom we shared our ingredients between the 4 groups and we made some muesli which the children put in little pots and were encouraged to eat for their breakfast.


Our last task was to collect various vegetables to take back to playgroup to make our soup with. We filled our baskets with potatoes,carrots,parsnips,spinach,baby corn,cauliflower,onions,celery and broccoli to name but a few.

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When back at playgroup we used peelers,choppers and knives to prepare the vegetables for our soup. We even used the pestle and mortar to grind some herbs. The soup had lots of spinach in it and it was a lovely colour green.

The children were able to try some at snack time.

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