Our term so far......Autumn 2020

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30/11/2020 - What we are up to...

During this term the children have had many opportunities to take part in many different celebrations and activities.


The children used the hammer to knock golf tees into the pumpkins developing their hand/eye coordination and also enjoyed creating firework pictures as we enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire NIght.


The children experimented in lots of different ways during our World Science Day. Which animals live in the sea? Which live on the land ? or which live on both ?  The children enjoyed using the magnets to pull the nuts and bolts up inside the bottle and worked out which objects would sink and which would float.



We had many different activities to help up celebrate Diwali..The Festival of Light. The children were able to recall the story behind the festival and then had the opportunity to create Diva Lamps using salt dough, rangoli patterns using coloured rice and also Mehndi patterns on a handprint. To finish the session we did some Indian dancing.

Remembrance Day....


The children created some amazing poppy pictures and were also able to paint a poppy onto a stone. At 11am the children did incredibly well to stand silent for 2 minutes as we remembered all the people and animals that had died during the wars.

Children In Need - Pudsey Bear Day


Other Activities.......


The children have been learning how everyone is different and celebrating diversity and inclusion. Also the children enjoy our dough gym sessions where we mould and manipulate the playdough in time with the music to strengthen our arm, hand and finger muscles before being creative with our own piece of playdough.

Christmas preparations.........

Each day the children will add a cotton wool ball onto Santa's beard until it is fully covered in our count down to Christmas.

The children are busy creating cards and festive pictures for our wall display and are practising hard for our upcoming nativity.....so exciting.