September/October 2020 What we have been up to so far......

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05/10/2020 - What we are up to...

Since returning in September the children have all the had the opportunity to take part in many different exciting activities. The children - both our returning children and our new starters have been amazing and have adapted so well to the new routines of the day.


The children have been having fun with the conkers by rolling them down the various chutes and tubes. They have also been creating some amazing autumn themed pictures.


The children have been using natural resources to develop their small world play.


The children have been developing their mark making skills and also their threading/fine motor skills. We compared our wellies to see who had the biggest feet.


Each session the children help us choose and decide what we are going to have for our healthy snack. We would like to thank one of our previous parents for the delicious flower cakes she sent the staff--- they were amazing.