Staff pantomime and Christmas Dinner- Monday December 18th 2018

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This year the staff performed Sleeping Beauty for the children. The script is written by Jo who bases the main storyline on the original story but adapts it to accommodate the characteristics of each staff member and the misfortunes they have encountered during the year.

Jo--  Narrator,   Tasha--- Sleeping Beauty,   Kim---- The Scary Fairy,   Louise--- Fairy 1,  Nicki---Fairy 2,  Victoria--- Fairy 3 and Becci--- Handsome Prince.

The children watched and laughed as the staff acted out their parts (they only hear the script for the first time as Jo reads it) and joined in with the boos and hisses and the Shes behind you! and Oh no she isnt!!

After the show the children enjoyed an ice lolly and joined in the singing and dancing.


It was also our Christmas Dinner today. The children all had christmas crackers and sat well at our festive tables to eat their lunch.

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