Working together Stay and Play session Feb 8th 2018

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10/02/2018 - What we are up to...

The Thursday afternoon children took part in a Working Together/Working as a Team stay and play and were joined by parents and grandparents to help them.   We were all in teams ,headed by Tasha,Jo,Kim and Louise and had a series of 6 challenges/activities to complete using our team work skills.  Each activity was timed and the children needed to use their thinking skills and work out strategies on how best to complete the task.

All the scores were written on a score sheet and at the end of the afternoon it was announced that Tashas team were the winner but the object of the afternoon was to demonstrate its  not always the final outcome that matters, its the process taken to reach it.

The activities covered all our areas of learning, Physical, Communication and Language, Personal Social and Emotional, Maths, Literacy, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.